David Luan

Thanks for checking out my low-budget research homepage!

I am VP of Engineering at OpenAI, where I'm fortunate to have an incredible group of leads to work with on our exploratory research teams (Algorithms, Language, Games, Safety) as well as our compute and infra efforts. OpenAI is a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that the development of AI is conducted in a way that is safe and ultimately broadly benefits society. We do this via pursuing mostly ML capabilities research combined with investments in safety and policy work.

I have both a CS and humanities background, and most of my career has revolved around near- and long-term impacts of AI on society. I try to understand how the dynamics of AI development can shape societal outcomes, and I try to spend as much time as possible with ethics, safety, and policy researchers.

I have a certificate in CS from Worcester State from when I was 12, and a BS/BA in Applied Math and Political Science from Yale.


I enjoy building teams that tackle large open ML problems, especially those that require balancing research and engineering.

I'm interested in pushing the bounds of the types of tasks that AI can address; in the near term, I'm interested in (1) real-world robotics; (2) generative pre-training; (3) the interactions between technology and policy in determining AI outcomes.



  • Twitter: @jluan
  • GitHub: @jluan