David Luan

Thanks for checking out my low-budget homepage!

I am VP of Engineering at OpenAI, where I'm fortunate to work with incredible leads on research teams (generative modeling, Algorithms, Language, RL, etc.) as well as our Infrastructure and hardware Acceleration teams. I am also responsible for our Policy team, which considers issues in the development and governance of AI systems.

With our most senior research scientists, I help set a broader research vision for OpenAI and work with teams to choose aligned research directions. At OpenAI, I've done anything needed to ship results like GPT-2 and to get the team from ~30 to the ~120 or so we are today: starting new research areas, promoting and coaching managers, technical work for the Microsoft fundraise, starting the recruiting team, rolling out our first perf system, etc.

My main focus is research, but most of my career has revolved around near- and long-term impacts of AI on society. I’m interested in how the dynamics of AI development can shape outcomes for people, and I try to spend as much time as possible with ethics, safety, and policy researchers.

I have a certificate in CS from Worcester State from when I was 12, and a BS/BA in Applied Math and Political Science from Yale.


I enjoy building research organizations that pursue a combination of directed basic research focused on advancing methods, and large projects focused on solving open challenges in ML by any means possible.

In the near term, I'm interested in (1) generative models for all modalities; (2) learning a distribution of environments and tasks to meta-learn in; (3) the interactions between technology and policy in determining AI outcomes.



  • Twitter: @jluan
  • GitHub: @jluan